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the_daily_pet's Journal

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Daily Pet Photos
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Post a daily photo of your pet!
Need a place to brag about your perfect companion?
This is it!
This community is for posting photos of your pets.
All pets are welcome!

We do have a few rules here, please be sure to read them before you begin posting.

1. One Post Daily
•Each user may make one post per day; each post may have one image; the image may contain more than one photo if edited together into a collage. Example: http://shattering.org/images/steveswimmingmontage.jpg
No advertising will be tolerated. Ads for other communities, websites, services or anything else will be removed.
•There is currently no size limit for images, but if you post something huge a mod may ask you to scale it down; use your judgment.
•You do not need to place your image behind a cut.

2. Content Must be Appropriate
•You must own at least one animal in the photo(s) you post.
•Photographs of beloved deceased pets are welcome.
•Animal(s) must be the prominent focal point; people may be with the animals in the photos.
•Please, no excessively photoshopped images. Editing photos is fine, running excessive filters/effects is not.
•No nudity, adult content or illegal activities or items may be posted.
Any photo containing obvious animal abuse will be reported and removed, and the user banned from the community.
•Any photo containing possible animal abuse may be politely questioned.

3. Format Must be Correct
•Title: Name of animal(s).
•Body: One image, no text, no cut.
•Tags: All species' and breeds shown in the photo. Tags may be found here; feel free to PM a mod if your tag does not exist.

4. Correctly Upload and Post
•It is your responsibility to learn how to post images; broken links or posts will be deleted.
How To Post an Image
•Where should you upload the images before posting them? There are many image uploading sites, some more popular than others and some better than others.

5. No Drama in the Comments
•This community will not tolerate any blatant drama, flame wars, or trolling.
•Do not screen or delete comments. If there's a problem please contact a moderator.
•Disagreement and constructive criticism are fine, but please keep it civil.
•Remember, if you post a questionable photo, we are not responsible for the consequences.
•It is up to you as individuals to make sure you come across as mature and reasonable in discussions.

•Remember, if you see something you don't like, feel free to take it to a community whose purpose is snarking.
•Also remember that if you post a photo that others may not like, you are leaving yourself open to being posted in another community.
•We are not here to protect you from the internet.
•All photos are posted at the user's risk.

Failure to follow community rules can result in warnings, post deletions, or a user ban, depending on the severity of the offense.
Username: piedwick/jurabitch
Reason: Harassing a community moderator in her personal journal using information found within the community.

Any questions, ideas, or concerns can be messaged to splatterhouse or crysania4.

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